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  1. 我所知道的是: deception = 欺騙,詭計 fraud = 欺詐,欺騙,欺詐行為 conspiracy = 陰謀,反叛,同謀,謀叛 明白了嗎...

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  2. They are almost use in the same way except a slight difference: Fraud – more commonly used with money, white-collar crime, or counterfeit, etc. Deception – e.g. You verbally deceive somebody.

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  3. You are probably looking for topics of: - Skimming - Lapping of Accounts Receivable References:

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  4. ... removed which is kept for its meat 3 fraud noun [C or U] the crime of obtaining money by deceiving...

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  5. 2 ways, one is Immigration Fraud and the other is Civil Court ...problem is, you cannot petition him for fraud , as he did not lie to you, he did push the...

  6. Fraud only. In order to prove corruption, it is necessary to show that the person(s) involve has abused the power. Based on your example, if B is the employee of the railway, then it is corruption.

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  7. 2006-11-30 15:05:14 補充: Other kinds of fraud may include energy fraud like Death Star strategy.

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  8. a swindler; n. 1. 騙子 a deceiver; n. 1. 欺詐者,騙子 a fraud ; n. 1. 欺騙(行為);詭計;騙局[C][U] He was found...

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  9. ... thing you should do is to gather information about the magnitude of the fraud and assess how such fraud will affect the company. Pay attention to every development...

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