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  1. Frankly , it depends on your opportunities. As the matter of fact, your records found to be not so bad into measure. Hopping that you can be able to be admitted into the school.

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  2. Frankly , it is really more than harder to evaluate which depatment of university you can be admited into the relative universities. Hopping that you could be able to admit into university you fond of.

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  3. Frankly speaking, if you can't even read through the web page, probably you should...

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  4. ... better select which one do you fond of best by your own. Frankly , both of them are apprently difference into measure.

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  5. ...sense that we are not suitable, the less possible we would start to fall in love. Frankly speaking, the first impression does not stand for the whole personality...

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  6. ... long as you finish pre-med year. 2009-11-28 14:27:46 補充: But frankly , this is very exceptional case, USUALLY you need to have a degree to get...

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  7. 我來幫你翻譯好了 Frankly , your score of exam. is more than poor enough even out of comman sense...

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  8. In responde to your question, I would rather hardly suggest you to face to the reality of fact by studying English more than harder. Frankly , it is not so difficult to study in case you have strong ambition to learn it.

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  9. ...tangible steps we can take in order to protect our environment. But frankly speaking, it is our neglectful attitude toward our environment...

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  10. ...a matter of fact, To tell the truth, In fact/ practice/ reality/truth, Frankly speaking, ★說到…… When it comes to…, As far as...

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