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  1. 呢個數目就兩個都得 前者比較口語化,後者比較正統 但年份就只會用前者o黎讀 1492 讀作 (Year of) Fourteen ninety-two 唔會讀作 (Year of) One thousand four hundred and ninety-two

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  2. th係要"咬"舌發音的...有少少bird的ir音 fourteen 係..下lip係掂住上排牙齒, 發音果時有少少 O 音...

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  3. ...last time i sailed in a yacht club race with my father i was fourteen , and he was dead set against it. The above sentence is grammatically...

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  4. At fourteen he wrote an essay on the aesthetics of music and also contributed to...

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  5. 14 July, 2009 應該係 fourteenth of July, two thousand and nine

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  6. 14至1000000的英文 可以寫/說: fourteen to one millionfrom fourteen to one million

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  7. ... Autumn Festival was on the fourteen of September . **On that day, the moon...-Autumn Festival was on the fourteenth of September. **On that day, the moon...

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  8. ...have lots of pocket money.... You: Well, I mean the the fourteenth of February. Got it? Friend: Yeah, it's...

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  9. ...six feet long, they can handle a rabbit, but should only be fed every ten to fourteen days.

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  10. ...quot;。 7:40英文係seven forty. 合起來是"七時四十分"。 11:14英文係eleven fourteen . 合起來是"十一時十四分"。 PS 12:30也可叫twelve thirty. 2...

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