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  1. 假如你跟對方已是有交往的公司,而那些order是已經確實的,你的寫法是直接和清楚。 When can "we" confirm the shipping documents? 當中如用we意思便包括你自己,所以假如對方由於某原因正等著你的confirm的話便可能不太清楚,可以改為When can you...

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  2. ... has a strange Inversion of Priorities=backward to forward interpretation. Never before have so many people packed into cities...

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  3. Would you lower the price of the package or declare it as gift ? So the tax of the package would not be collected in Taiwan. I look forward to your reply. Thanks for your cooperation.

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  4. Parents value us up since early childhood education. So in everyday life often instil ideas into our mind entrepreneur concept to nurture value and ability to go forward .

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  5. ..., you're welcome to discuss with us. -----Looking forward to seeing you with the opportunity to co-operate as we regard you as the most...

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  6. ...雙重複合可能或變化的句子。 look up to是指仰望或崇拜某人或某種地位。 look forward to是期望或希望出現的處境。 2. When you get older, we'll...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2016年05月11日

  7. ... for your loving care and wish you good health every day forward and have a Happy Mother’s Day. I love you all.

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  8. ... in design and product commercialization. I am super looking forward to the internship in Shianghai and having this plan started.

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