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  1. ...至五樓 Bureau of Consular Affairs ,Ministry of Foreign Affairs ,Republic of China(Taiwan) 電話:02-2343-2807 傳真...

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  2. ...可以回答你的問題: 1) 如果你的護照上有身分證號碼, 護照是Ministry of Foreign Affairs 發出的. 可以免簽. 2) 入境表格需要當場寫就好了 3) 請參考: http://www.cic.gc...

    分類:旅遊 > 其他:景點 2010年12月16日

  3. 你好, 可以參考看看: One must obtain visa through the embassies, representative offices or institutes authorized by the Foreign Affairs of Republic of China (Taiwan) in Germany.

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  4. ..., Industries & Employment, Ministry of Foreign Affairs , Commerce & Tourism , P.O. Box G26...

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  5. ...開車去加拿大, 是吧? 1. 確認您的護照上有身分證字號, 是Ministry of Foreign Affairs 發出的 2. 確認您可以回美國 3. 帶足夠的錢, cover 你的旅行 4. 最好第一天...

    分類:旅遊 > 其他:景點 2011年05月13日

  6. ... on your passport) is Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs . 3. You can leave that blank or N/A - as your...

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  7. ... to the U.S. State Department's Foreign Affairs Manual 7 FAM 1115: (

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  8. may concern, Due to the travel advisory from our Ministry of Foreign Affair , I wish the cancel my reservation with your property. My reservation...

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  9. ...的簽證申請,日本政府免收申請費。 外務省網頁(The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan Home Page) 圖片參考:

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