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  1. Eason Irish Name Meaning - protector, great one Origin - Ireland 愛爾蘭名稱意義-保護,偉大的 起源-愛爾蘭 Just for your reference !

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  2. ...the current operation. it definitely takes more time to deal with this situation.***** for your reference only.

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  3. ...軟體。 種種原因之下,是否造成你的誤會了呢…? 中文 (華文/華語)也不是馬來西亞的 "國語"哦...馬來西亞的 "國語" (國家指定語言) 是馬來語… for your reference .... 2006-08-14 11:21:47 補充: 同學,我回不了...

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  4. ...area is where we would ask you to leave blank, and not check any item – for your reference . Thanks.

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  5. ... following is our status update and the possible disposal for your reference :

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  6. ...enough, so we can’t quote at this case. The attached catalog is for your reference . Please tell us which item number you want in order to quote...

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  7. 附上我們最新的型錄和最低的報價(no.BT-0647)FOB Taiwan 供您參考 elcosed打錯了應該是Enclosed 我可以很驕傲的說ABC裝潢公司在過去10年為夏威夷的客戶提供住家和商店的裝修服務,客戶們極為滿意 ABC裝潢公司已經決定擴展其在夏威夷的...

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  8. ... see attached are our company s brochure and quotation for your reference . If you re willing to cooperate with our company for sale in the...

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  9. ... University."Here is one of the 14 pieces for your reference :Border Inn   (1965)(translated by Shiu-Pang...

  10. ... glad to enclose herewith the DM of some of our products for your reference . If you are interested in any of our items...

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