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  1. ... hereto is the artwork of Pattern #ST123 for your kind perusal. 2010-06-17 17:55:49 補充: 如果版主的ST是Style縮寫...

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  2. For your reference ~ 2010 ,Taiwan go(es) upward. 2010,台灣向上 2010 ,Better Taiwan. 2010,更好的台灣 2010 ,Taiwan go(es) better. 2010,台灣變得更好 **因此句為祈使語氣,故(es)可省略

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  3. ...的誰嗎? 他的撰寫, 坦白說還有欠火候. 我來告訴你他的這封信尚待改進之處: 1) Please refer to.... for your reference . <--- redundant 2) We can remain the old price <--- remain 用法 錯誤 3) the...

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  4. .... Ex4: Jerry has been sick since he quit his job. For your reference 免費有聲基礎英語學習網站,外師錄音

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  5. ...才對(等人,不等時間)wait me錯誤,wait是不及物動詞,不能直接連上受詞wait for me正確 6. 此兩句的意思一樣嘛Do you have any idea of sample.錯誤。sample本身是不會有idea的。Do you have any ideas...

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  6. ...order, I’m listing the weekday-related phrases as below for your reference . 1. Blue Monday; Blue Monday syndrome...

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  7. 基本上都是請對方參照的說法. kind reference 比較有敬語的語氣, 比較像我們的"敬請參照" advance reference 中的 advance 有 "先", "早", "提前"的意味, 比較像我們的 "請先過目"..

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  8. .... With the above said, I like to point out a point for your reference only. That is, don't always use a grammatical rule to fit...

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  9. ..... if I were .. ] be 動 詞 用 were for your reference

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  10. ... your reference .(4) Please cancelthis booking and see attached new booking to you for arrangement. 回答/答案(1) 附加的檔案 (以附加了)(2) 附加的檔案 (以附加了)(3) 請附加 (為附加) – 你自己要附加...

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