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  1. 這個句子 He will work -----travel this summer. instead of 後面一定要加V-ing 所以要改成He will work instead of traveling this summer. 而rather than 就是可以視為是連接詞 and 其意思就是:而不是 希望你能了解^^

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  2. ... you to do the work isn't (D) to trouble you? It's good for you, instead (相反地). 4. Arthur is a very (C) interesting person...

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  3. A除了...之外...還有(簡單來說....這可以用+來代表) B除了...之外(簡單來說...就是把那樣東西扣除) C不...反而... D不管;不顧 所以選B A你ㄉ選項似乎打錯ㄌ...所以... B被認為...後面直接+名詞(不需+AS) C沒有這種用法吧...

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  4. ...可能的"。 下面這一段是ICRT的簡易 英文 台灣天氣報告。參考一下吧。 The ...氣象局,台灣天氣預報如下: Hardly a call for rain anywhere. Instead , cloudy skies in the north, partly 幾乎各...

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  5. ... anything since yesterday morning. (8).The mountain is too high for me. Let's go climb the hill instead .

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  6. ... chicken at the dinner last night. 2. Having someone over for dinner.... The "to have...over" here means "to invite...also implies important and significant. Please use "a few" instead .

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  7. ...! However, it is better to use "appetite" instead of "desire for food", as 控制食慾 control (your, one's) appetite As far as...

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  8. ...一天到晚都看小孩子玩.3.I decided to walk______going by car.(a) for (b)over(c)between(d) instead of 取代4.If you come to the party,you______see Sally.(A)...

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  9. ... shuld pay much attention to your textbooks instead of comic books. 你應該專注在教科書上而不是在漫畫書...跟though意義類似) While you don't prepare for your tests, you can get good grades...

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  10. try not find a exact chinese definition for the vocabulary, instead find a similar english word to define the vocabulary. like Canine = dog. Feline = cat. automobile = car. just learn it the same way you learn chinese.

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