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  1. For Example 假設 / 例如 ... 例如 Many great people rose from poor ...mpl] 1. 例子; 樣本; 樣品[(+of)] 同義詞sample, specimen, illustration, model變化形 名複 examples

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  2. ~~ for example ~~ class test { public static void main (String args []) { int i, j; for (i =0; i<10; i++) { for (j =i; j<10;j++) System.out.println("This...

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  3. ...施力方向移動時(有了位移) 此物體就有作功。 For example : 我施力5N沿著水平面推動一個0.5kg的...大,能量也越大。 位能與高度及質量成正比! For example : 一個摩天輪,位於最上面(最頂端)的那個...

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  4. It is based on your situation. For example , for lower division transfer, you will have to provide your high school ...

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  5. The LAPD, for example , takes its policy as a guidance,explains Alpert, he...

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  6. 例如的英文是 For example 它的中文諧音是 否 一個站po 或是 For instance 它的中文諧音是 否 英史坦司 或是such as 它的中文諧音是 煞取 阿斯 希望有幫到你^^

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  7. e^(2㏑t) = e^(㏑t^2) = t^2 P.S e^(㏑x) = x, ㏑e^x = x 不知道你要什麼樣的 example ?!JCVbjQyaBRbXTWOakincl1.Wpxbobg--/article?mid=356&prev=345&next=352

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  8. ...and about "when" when 要看你的時態是什麼 for example : i was taking a shower when she "...停所以在動詞方面還是要用變形的動詞. 再給你一個 example hey honey the baby is fed by her monther...

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  9. ...? English is required in many professions. For example , many documents contain English, some jobs require international...

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  10. get ready before hand... For example , 考試前準備好. Get ready before you have your test. 事前準備比較好. Get ready before hand is always better.

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