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  1. there is a possibility for metastasis to other lymph nodes which block the drainage of the lower limbs moreover, if the liver function is impaired, it may not be producing enough albumin (proteins) to keep the fluid inside the blood vessel, so this fluid...

  2. no, that is totally different. you should go to see a doctor. it could be ezema

  3. 踢躂小企鵝 (粵語版) 導演 : 佐治米勒 片長 : 109 分鐘 級數 : I 語言 : 粵語 (無字幕) **** UA院線 UA 朗豪坊 Thu, Dec 21, 09:10 AM $30.00 UA 沙 田 Thu, Dec 21, 03:50 PM $55.00 UA 時 代...

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  4. Why do u need to know? Dun tell me u r gonna assassinate Her Majesty the Queen hahaa... Well to answer your question i have extracted a paragraph from my reference: When the Sovereign is in residence, the...

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  5. 脫骹既話要早d就醫啊..睇跌打都ok架..荃灣有好多跌打鋪..去see 下啦..

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  6. 攻擊中場,可射門而你速度和傳球可為隊友 做好多機會,做埋隊長指揮你些隊友,你可多 練射門,成為百分百射手,但我勸你在比賽勝 多D,賺多D錢去巴西浸番幾年,番來港隊做隊 長,包你一鳴驚人,如果系記關照小生祝你早 日成可、事半功倍!!!!! 2006-11-12 19:32:05...

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  7. 蜘蛛是打開腳企的, 用來形容彈鋼琴時要把手指張開, 因為黐太近會容易觸碰附近的琴鍵。 留意: 蜘蛛要企起身先可以行走, 所以彈琴時掌心要像有隻雞蛋在中央一樣, 要微微曲起。

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  8. for 816 square feet , that had better include visits by without" For example: "For 816 square feet , that had better include visits by ...

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  9. ... on your rope, got me ten feet off the ground 係英文歌 [Apologize] 嘅...m holdin on your rope.. got me ten feet offf... the ground.

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