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  1. Happy Feet (踢躂小企鵝) 導演  :佐治米勒 演員  :粵語配音 : 鄧麗欣 , 谷德昭 , 側田...

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  2. drop at his feet 點解? 比喻女子對風流倜儻、英俊瀟灑的男子 "崇拜傾倒" 之意。 ...20 補充: sorry for typo: Alternatively, men drop at her feet .

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  3. feet swollen may be a result of lack of exercise, u may try to raise her feet with cushion, do some message to the feet can also help! 圖片參考:

  4. 1) It is a customary to bury the dead at six feet under the ground so it implies the "dead and buried"...

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  5. 腳臭的原因: 汗腺分泌多 腳部係大汗腺集中的部位之一,所以特別多分泌物,如果著唔索汗襪或密頭鞋,細菌容易滋生,腳臭難擋! 肝腎機能差 腳臭其實是肝、腎機能衰弱的警號,因肝腎弱會加速腳汗腺分泌,唔可以輕視! 有香港腳 由於腳部有細菌,所以患香港腳的人腳部會...

  6. yes - equation is correct cbm is approx 36.5 cuft or you change cm 10/2.5 = 4" etc (16 x 15 x 23.6 ) /1728 =3.28 cu ft

  7. How to change 1 square metre to square feet ? Firstly, the conversion of 1 metre (metric unit of length) to ...

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  8. I think foot massage (足部按摩) should be categorised as "Health-Caring Service".

  9. foot in mouth 來自 put your foot in your mouth ,即係唔小心亂講野衰左,可以譯做「失言」 blunders...

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  10. 這應解作﹕ 為共和黨重新站起來。 Get back on one's feet 亦可解作﹕ 再站穩陣腳 或 重新振作 因為這句子中有 "for" ﹐所以是為了.....而站起來。

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