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  1. 在網球的教練裡面... feeder coach: 傳球教練 >> feed balls: 傳球 contact coach: 聯絡教練 >> contact: 聯繫 follow - through coach: 隨球教練 >> follow -up: 隨球動作

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  2. As you follow through , force your opponent's head back and extend your fingers to...and repeat this action as many times as necessary.這句話應有前言,因為as you follow through ,是在講"當你繼續前述的動作時"raking action:你的手劃過對方...

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  3. It's time to follow this through follow through :貫徹,堅持到底,把事情做到完成為止. 所以這句的意思是:該是把這件事貫徹完成的時候了.

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  4. drive a hard bargain討價還價Famous Last Words 臨終名言 follow through 完成(某事);堅持到底come through for竭盡全力滿足某人的需要

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  5. ... So, since you wanna be with me You'll have to follow through With every word you say And I, all I really want is...

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  6. ... only do the labs decide what drugs to pursue, but they also follow through with their decisions into the clinical testing phase. 員工...

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  7. ... volume,when a market makes a low and then fails to follow through to the downside and instead closes above recent highs .... these all represent...

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  8. ... York Yankees' Chien-Ming Wang follows through on a pitch against the Seattle Mariners during the second...

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  9. ... bent, and you allow yourself to get a good lift when you jump shot. Follow through and hold your follow through . And you want to shoot your jump shot...

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  10. 擊球後無法完成擊球後的弧形動作. 手腳呈現出相反的動作 無法使用身體總合的力量去完成踢球所需的力量. 無法確實地接 觸到球或是完全接不到球 (眼睛無法集中注意球). 無法保持適當的 距離 (缺少完成擊球後的弧形動作及產生的力量)

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