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  1. The “ Flute ” describes the structure of the wave shaped cardboard material that ... flute (the largest) to F- flute and below (microflutes).A- flute = 36 flutes /linear foot B- flute = 49 flutes /linear foot C...

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  2. I played flute for 2 years, Je joue de la flute depuis deux ans, and... Pahud and Gary Schocker are both the famous flute players in the world, Emmanuel Pahud et Gary ...

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  3. My interested is to perform piano and flute . My characteristics and personality are bright, optimistic, cheerful...

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  4. Gept for all primary Gept intermediate level for all previous examination Japanese N5 verificationYAMAHA Piano Grade 6YAMAHA flute grade 6Mental arithmetic II Abacus grade

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  5. My favorite activity is playing flute . I was on flute team when i was in elementary school, so i probably... to release my pressure as well. Therefore, I very like flute . 2007-12-08 12:54:35 補充: Therefore(So), i very like to play...

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  6. 我是Lisa,不喜歡英文,興趣是吹長笛。 I am Lisa. I don't like English. My hobby is playing the flute . 希望有幫助喔!

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  7. ...你對音樂了解蠻多的! Yes, I have ever heard my flute teacher mentioned about Anders Norell, you are really...

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  8. ...生氣勃勃和興致。 這首曲子還不錯聽!! (在此聲明,我不是複製樓上的,我是用網頁 翻譯 去翻的!!)

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  9. many musical instruments in my childhood. For example, piano, flute , violin and so on. However, I have been very absorbed...

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  10. ...spatial under pipe sound 星:Stars 空:Empty 下:under 的:the 笛: Flute 聲:Sound 圖片參考:

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