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  1. 1,mechanically inclined是偏向機械方面 ,亦即專精机械方面,其中 inclined是向-----傾斜。 2,例如國內政治有個人偏好傾向藍或綠,我們亦可用politically inclined

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  2. ...normally, good, bad, difficult] TIME doing something" is a kind of Fixed Expression telling the experience (what you feel) of doing something. - ...

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  3. Iron Man講嗰句係「He made it for you」(係made,唔係fix),意思係「他為你而做」。而這裡的「他」,是指Howard Stark,即Iron Man的父親。

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  4. ...can’t do something. Never give up on something that you can't go a day without thinking about.' anything...肯定句 ‘Dad is a DIY expert and he f ...

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  5. ..., buddy! Have I forgotten all about you?” Edward ponders. The very next day, Edward fixed up the bike, packed a few sandwiches in the broken... ...

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  6. (1)操作頂項行數須(2)返回一個參數; (3),而非固定該函數代碼數量固定到三個一致; 可以令内聯 TVF 更加靈活....(1)

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  7. 你的考慮非常合理,這亦是政客的語言技巧使傳譯困難的原因,他背後正可能就是藉著這比較式的用詞,雖然表面(字面)聽來很合理來暗示其實政府的行政策劃是不可少的。 ...

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  8. 都有十圈八圈的

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  9. ...您好: 《Artist》:Coldplay 《Song Title》:Fix You 《Lyrics》:

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  10. have been given 每次你犯下的錯誤, Another chance to fix your bad attitude 你都被給予彌補的機會 And make a move, it's up to you... ...

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