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  1. ...on the couch 噗地倒在長沙發椅上。 9. Who fixed my car 誰修理我的車子 10.To wake up early 早一點起床。 以上解答是將英文句子直接翻譯成 中文 , 尚未是一句完整的句子ㄛ! 請記得!!! 加油~~

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  2. ..., my father, my mother brought up the rigorous warned me to be a useful person... about to graduate, looking for a job can have a fixed income, I would seriously learning does not...

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  3. ... , Are you OK? Buyer: 7,500 fixed prices. Seller: :All right? ... you very much. Please come back again. 有些 中文 直譯英文就直接刪了, 因為外國人看不懂, 或沒這說法...

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  4. oneself aboriginal really like behind high position, come up to requisite is what, but it and at li. Special...talent Chinese typewriting importation skill check fix certificate at two Chis, future exposed to the sun...

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  5. ...the tortoise just near the winning-post and could not run up in time to save the race. 而烏龜呢?牠是一步一步很努力地...assist1/assist/spc/culver/grimander.htm 有英文童話故事, 但沒有 中文 ....... 不過故事都耳熟能詳, 試著看吧!!

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