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  1. ... over a 10.00 (或1000??)% increase in revenues for the fiscal 3rd quarter ending July, 2007 compared with the prior year while...

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  2. ...地方 才能完美的運作 2007-03-30 17:01:42 補充: 2. Discretionary fiscal policy refers to the spending and taxing decisions of...

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  3. 地方政府財政收支劃分 The demarcation of local government fiscal revenues and expenditures

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  4. Calendar-year-to-date 今年 1 月 1 日 到今天為止 calendar year 日曆年, 也就是從1月1日 到 12月31日. 相對應的是 fiscal year 會計年度 ...-to-date 到今天為止.

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  5. ...個title可以讓你有很大的發揮空間,從哪裡開始改變,要如何改變,使用財政政策( fiscal policy)或貨幣政策(monetary policy)? 減稅(Tax cut)真的是良藥ㄇ?很多很多...

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  6. 財政拖累:是指由於稅收起點的上漲與通貨膨脹水準不符,導致稅務收入的上升,人民實際收入減少。 例子: 假使某人一年收入為20000美元,當時收稅起點為5000美元以上收稅20%,這樣他一年繳稅為(20000-5000)x0.2 = 3000美元,即收入的15%。現在假使由於通貨膨脹,其收入上漲5%,至21000美元...

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  7. ...蘋果2007年度報告書資料 Apple Inc. Form 10-K for the fiscal year ended Sep 29, 2007

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  8. ... V Accounting Article 12: The company's fiscal year from January 1 until December 31 total accounts ...

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  9. 是年度國防(預算)計劃 Fiscal Year Defense Plan的縮寫.

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  10. 171st, the 174th 1st item 1st section, 5th section, the company law 259th, the commercial fiscal law 71st and the criminal law 342nd stipulation. If accountant checks time...

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