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  1. ... 17, 2009, FBI policy has change to no longer return the fingerprint cards . This form will serve as the FBI’s official response. 為了保護個人認證...

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  2. ...2. You are still considered as a resident. 3. Your fingerprint is captured by a live scan vendor. It is a digital format...

  3. 司法程序排除使用指紋 不合法: 司法部昨日宣判: 戶政法明確規定 -- 強迫為身分證蓋指紋 -- 是違法行為 由於你給的是斷句, 所以出來的也是斷句 = ="

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  4. ...生化物性付款服務 Citybank on Wednesday launched a new fingerprint authentication payment service that lets its credit card customers pay for goods and services with a touch of the...

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  5. ...version 讀卡機 ( Card Reader - Jmicron) 讀卡機 ( Card Reader - Realtek) 晶片組 (Chipset - Intel) 指紋辨識 ( Fingerprint - AuthenTec) 2009-11-15 00:36:36 補充: 有一點很重要:晶片組的驅動...

  6. ...officially change everything. 2. It may. However, as you have your fingerprint and photo with your Permanent Resident Card , you should have no problem in getting in. (But it will still the ...

  7. ...過程中, 沒有被掉換或放入不該放的東西. 3)If the facility has a card access, fingerprint recognition or similar electrohic identification system, is a documented oprocedure...

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  8. ...=en&SC=EMEA_27 TI Card Reader Driver : http://global-download.acer...en&SC=EMEA_27 AuthenTec Fingerprint Driver :

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  9. ... as a copy of Permanent Resident Card , and mail it back to the address from the instruction. 4. Wait until you have received the receipt and notice to be fingerprinted .

  10. Replace Permanent Resident Card 2. I-90 Forms 表格 3. 有關 I-90...以下網址: fingerprinting .asp

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