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  1. ... up fill out the applications // fill them out 都可以 fill in the blanks fill the blanks (with your answers) 如 中文 請填空白處 請填入空白處 有差嗎?

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  2. Fill ( in ) the blanks with the following wordsFill ( in ) each of the blanks with...

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  3. ... wrote. Just fill in the blanks and you can t go wrong:My...position of ____ and, given the opportunity to work at your... very best to fit in and work my hardest...

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  4. ...這是份完整的清單嗎? Complete the sentences in the exercise by filling in the blanks . 在空白處填充使練習中各句成為完整句。 還有需要造句的話,可以在YAHOO...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2009年02月02日

  5. Fill in the blanks with simple present tense or present progressive tense, or "-" if... with future tense "(be) going to"我們 中文 通常是說進行式而非繼續式!

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  6. 看看以下的圖案,在空格裡填入圖形. 喜歡=★ 不喜歡=X

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  7. Write down the past tense of the following irregular verbs. Fill in the blanks with the correct tense/forms of verbs.Rewrite the following passage in the past tense.

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  8. Write down the past perfect tense of the following irregular verbs. Fill ( in ) the blanks with verbs in the form of present perfect tense.Put the following nouns under the correct categories.

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  9. 1.I crossed out the misspelled word. 我將那個拼錯的單字劃掉。 2.We fill in blanks in grammar exercises. 我們...14.We will turn back at the next stop. 我們將在下一站折返...

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  10. page 5 翻至第五頁。 6.Take out your pencil. 拿出鉛筆。 7. Fill in the blanks . 填填看。 8.Draw the circle. 畫圈。 9.Repeat after me...

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