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  1. ... a pencil. (D) No, it isn't a pen. 3 This is for ( her ) (she). 4 Fill in the blanks with a and an. (1) ( an )MPV (2) ( a )hotel

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  2. 打開表單設計檢視_ 確認_LABEL_的名稱_確定是_OptionLabel 2011-10-29 17:21:11 補充: 你好: 黃色部份rs!ItemNumber=1 請檢查表單_LABEL_的名稱_是否是_OptionLabel1 我想檢查結果應該是_OptionLabel2 所以_ Me("...

  3. ...另行參觀。 Part III. Cloze : choose the best answer to fill in each blank. For people _(D) interested _ in language and art, learning about ...

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  4. ...現有的EA帳號申請 Slim3 Community 遊戲 Please fill in the required information in the fields below to complete your registration for 請在下列表格填入必要的資訊以註冊

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  5. leftover- clothing 她剩下的名牌衣服 freelace writing [應該是 free lance writing, free lace 不是詞] 自由作家 在電影的後面, andrea 離開了她秘書的工作並把她那些名牌衣服賣到二手店, 賣了38萬美金. 並把那筆錢當作她以後寫作時的錢. 不過最後還是回到出版社, 而...

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  6. ...寫法而不用主動句~ 3.為客人做準備  Prepares for the visitor. 我大概會這樣寫: The preparation .... 5.需要由病人來填寫  Needs to fill in by the patient. 我大概會這樣寫: it needs to be...

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  7. Dear all, I have (applied) for new ID changing my name; however, I had filled in wrongly of my date of birth from 2/10 to 10/2 by negligence in my application...

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  8. Known as filling in and carrying it then allly of Spain's ...a poor doctor's son. Have renounced the pen for the sword when being young. Send to the Spanish...

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  9. for keeps 永久保有、歸勝利者所有from scratch 重頭來過、重頭做起go against the grain 背道而馳,against the grain...本意、不情願get off (one s) back 不要再煩(某人);少囉唆feel up to 覺得可以做、覺得想做fall apart 分開、失敗 fill (someone) in ....  把(某人)放在.... 、向(某人)告知....get cold feet 臨陣退縮get into hot water 有麻煩(因言行失誤)

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2005年08月05日

  10. ...不是很清楚 On a separate piece of paper , follow this form and fill in the required information . 用另一張紙,依照這個格式,填入需要的資料 Do it for each word. 每一個字都做

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