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  1. ... States [83]. Known as the "four giants" in the field of sports including baseball, American football, ice hockey, and basketball.

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  2. ...為何use 後接of連接名詞(如果是片語 請解釋其原因) 上句等於 The field is reserved for sports teams use only. 改寫成the use of sport tems, of (prep.) 連接動作以及...

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  3. ...of student body.  I hope that I have an opportunity to get into the research field for sports .  In a hope that I may contribute to improve the sports arena.

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  4. 應該是playground吧 因為playground的意思是指 學校的操場、或兒童遊樂場都可以 而 sports field 有點像是運動場地那種 希望以上對你有幫助!

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  5. ...籃球 1 .There are some boys playing baskball . in the sport - field . . 2. are there some boys playing basketball . in the sport ...

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  6. ... talks on reuniting divided families, sports talks on fielding a joint team to this summer’s Asia Games in Beijing and...

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  7. 沒錯 Vikings的租約2011後才到期 不過他們想要在 Metrodome原址就地改個新球場 sports /ci_13458646 2009-10-01 19:11:48 補充: [蓋]個

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  8. ...development, and selection of the Olympic teams in their respective sports . USA Track and Field uses the United States Track and Field ...

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  9. I love playing balls at sports field with my classmate in PE class, and it makes me feel like...

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  10. ... do not only get good grades, I am also very active in the field of sports .I had been a discipline leader in management training. ...

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