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  1. fervor (一定要打滿十字,所以廢話一下。) 2009-11-22 01:03:04 補充: 另一個字...

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  2. 侃侃而談to speak with fervor and assurance 1.一個知名作家針對『地攤創業』的議題侃侃而談。 2.經過密集...

  3. thinking that views saving electricity with an almost religious fervor . “地球日”經過努力的推廣教育後, 已經讓它形成一股積極的力量...

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  4. ... work, building on his ideas during the period of intellectual fervor known as the One Hundred Schools Period...

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  5. ...enough Would not be enough to match the fever in my soul And the fervour in my heart And the darkness that I feel As I'...

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  7. There is no exact English translation for these phrases. The closest translation I can think of: "Overwhelming fervor " "Dominating intensity" "Exterme ferocity"

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  8. I must make up wrong repair you 折翼 I to have to let all change for the better this row love fervor to seep my fingertip to enter your each 吋 flesh 希望能幫助你 加油 中文的字我很抱歉,因為我不知道,不便請諒

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  9. 得不償失:The game is not worth the candle. The loss outweighs the gain. 守口如瓶:to keep one s mouth shut. 侃侃而談:to speak with fervor and assurance. 萬丈深淵:a bottomless chasm.

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