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  1. be noted for = be famous for 以...而出名的所以可知 C 不對剩下 A ...答案選B-------------補充------------------The city is famous for its silk.該市以出產絲綢而聞名於世。並不是 be famous ...

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  2. 1.This school is famous for its computer classes.(這所學校以電腦課而聞名) 2.In fact,the...

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  3. be well-known/ famous for +某事 be well-known/ famous as + 職業或身分 (以....出名) well...職業或身分 例如His father is well-known as a musician. famous for + 某事 例如His father is well-known for his music.

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  4. ...在 for , for 是介係詞,後面可以加名詞或動名詞 be famous for + N : 以~聞名 = be famous for + V-ing...把are改成being. => They are famous for being very hospitable. 你也可以把 "...

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  5. ...以……聞名」的意思時與as連用 Ex:The city is famous for its museums. 這個城市以其博物館聞名 She ...

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  6. be famous for 以…而聞名 在這裡的 for 意思比較接近"以,藉由" 因為是 in order to 簡化來的 2005-06-28 22:45:42 補充: for 是用來引導句子來補充說明 famous 的狀態,是居於副詞的地位 加以敘述使句意完整

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  7. ...quot;s" (A)products New Zealand is very famous for its dairy ________. 圖片參考:

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  8. ... York, the USA. 2 What is his most famous for ? He is famous for his performance of Rock songs...

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  9. 1.virgo 指的是〝處女座〞 那麼 virgos virgo加一個s 即通稱處女座的人 2.are famous for → be famous for (片語) 以...聞名 3.taste可以是 品味 食物味道 味覺 興趣.. 整句話的意涵即是 處女座的人以他們的品味聞名

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  10. East coast: Rholde Island, NYU both expensive cost of living is higher, but transportation cost is slightly lower Yale expensive cost of living...