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  1. ...蛋白的 alignment, Sequence homology and family division, 各個物種間的比較, Family tree .....等等, 整理的十分詳細, 希望對你有所幫助 :)

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  2. ...faculty/carr/ros.htmThe Rosaceae are trees , shrubs and herbs comprising about... one, you ve seen them all. The family does tend to have somewhat monotonous actinomorphic ...

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  3. ...-known species of stag beetle ( family Lucanidae), and is sometimes referred...stag beetle. It lives in holes in old trees and dead trunks, in the forest as well as in ...

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  4. ...心三到五次即可,可使株形矮密。 備註: 印度橡膠樹 India rubber tree Ficus elastica Roxb. 桑科 Moraceae or Mulberry family 分布:分布北印度、馬來西亞及印尼。院區種植於歐美所門口、四分溪畔及戶外...

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  5. ...千屈菜科 Lythraceae or Loosestrife family Distribution: Originally produces...flesh color and the white. The big flowered 紫薇 tree then the skin is not smooth, the leaf blade is...

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  6. ..._small.JPG 白千層 Paper-bark tree Melaleuca leucadendron L. 桃金孃科Myrtaceae or Myrtle Family 圖片參考:

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  7. 樟樹 Camphor tree Cinnamomum camphora (L.) Presl 樟科 Lauraceae or laurel family 分布: 分布於大陸、台灣中低海拔山區、日本。普遍種植為行道樹。 形態特徵...

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  8. ...茄苳(重陽木、秋楓樹) Bishopwood, Autumn maple tree , Red cedar Bischofia javanica Blume Euphorbiaceae or spurge family 圖片參考:

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  9. ...大陸塊上呈不連貫的分布。可說是古老的孑遺植物。 tree /t7.htm palm.htm 2007-02-28 00...

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  10. ...香料及芳香劑添加物等廣泛應用之龐大類異戊二烯族(isoprenoid family )化學化合物中的一員。大腸桿菌天然代謝途徑中的遺傳控制.../sb/Nov-2004/02-Keasling_ tree .jpg --原文網址:

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