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  1. ... Red 所唱的 ~ 曲名為: Fit Boy Faint Girl 歌詞 如下: Things we wanted, but never seen...the world I'll be dreaming about the fit boy and faint girl

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  2. 我在想是不是阿沁的光榮時刻,因為之前有看一段^_^ 2007-03-06 22:01:36 補充: 如果你要的是你給的那一段,就是這首Linkin Park- Faint 中文和英文的 歌詞 請點我 想看這首歌的MTV 請點我

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  3. ... fooled before My fair weatherfriends And faint hearted lovers but every time it happens It just conyinces...

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  4. ...可以試聽 歌詞 MARIA TAYLOR LYRICS " window, You are. It was a faint line that brought you here, And a pulse that...

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