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  1. ...或 gauge mask 。由於 mask 種類繁多和用途殊異。所以用詞以明確不易混淆為要。 facial mask 指面膜,敷面膜則稱 apply facial mask 。此一護膚spa是可以運用於全身。也有人...

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  2. 1.白肌限定面膜 White myo- definition facial mask 2.活泉水嫩面膜 Live fountain young and fresh... masks 9.水潤賦活面膜 Shui fu live facial mask 10.絲瓜晶露面膜 snake gourd crystal dew facial mask ...

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  3. 1 victory peptide beautifully calls the skin facial mask 2to pass on Ming Suanjing exactly the white facial mask 3 top ...

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  4. My facial mask --- Net Purchase and Beauty shop My facial mask Online & Store shopping My mask school ----- Online & Store Medical facial mask On-line store

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  5. Shampoo 洗髮精 cosmetic facial mask 面膜 lotion乳液 nail polish指甲油 sunblock防曬乳 To solve your dandruff...

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  6. 做臉 叫 facial treatment 敷臉用的面膜叫 facial mask 如果你指的是敷臉這個動作,我不會講。 但知道 告訴別人我正在敷臉中...

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  7. Hello: The facial mask selects and purchases the speech may refer to the facial mask factory to make. Ships the part needs again to inquire.

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  8. ...; Facial Cream; Moisturizer ⊙面膜⊙ 統稱為 -- Facial Mask ; Facial Peel 按照功能細分的話 -- Purifying Mask ...

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  9. put a facial mask ... when you are on the internet you can not even talk to any one( family, phone) since most of people can not find time to have a facial done. this is the best thing to do while you are on the net!!

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  10. Facial Mask 〈臉上的面具〉 = 面膜

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