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  1. ... contractor is a vendor and an independent operator: expendable on a moment's notice. The term "contractor" is delivered to the client. The expendable nature of contractors is in contrast to the...

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  2. ... ,1- 6DVD我都有儲 ^^ 2010年史泰龍有新片''The Expendables '' 如果你想去戲院支持史泰龍 , 就唔好錯過啦~

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  3. 好簡單,佢個說明(去library->gardening)話舊木可能會有發霉,如果唔清理,成條木就會可能邊左綠色.佢話要去lab-> expendables 買d野,搞掂返佢.

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  4. ...of launching into space more than once. This contrasts with expendable launch systems, where each launch vehicle is launched once and then...