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  1. i am sorry for your confusion... i am not mad at you ... 很抱歉造成你的困惑,我不 是 在生你的氣 u r my good friend & i dont expect that from you.........sorry 真的很對不起,只是因為你 是 我的好朋友,而我沒有想到你會這樣做

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  2. ...jury, Gideon conducted his defense about as well as could be expected from a layman. G 在陪審團前面對審訊,他(為自己)進行辯護,能有多好...

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  3. ... means If someone just broke up from a relationship, the next one whom he/she falls...and the relationship will never last longer than you expected . 2010-05-26 05:32:41 補充: The correct way to...

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  4. ...diligence 是 個法律術語 你可以在諸如契約、判決等法律文件中看得到 法律字典的定義為:the diligence reasonably expected from , and ordinarily excercised by, a person who seeks to satisfy a legal requirement or to discharge an obligation. 意思 ...

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  5. ...deception or fraud. 2. authentic, genuine, real. 因此這句 "It's a far cry from having a bona fide ace open the playoffs. " 的 意思是 "...

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  6. ...not sporty. The suspension is noisier than I'd expect when you go over bumps. A lot of "thumpa thumpa thumpa" from the suspension on rough roads. (

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  7. ...a total fertility rate of 2.8.... 自2005年起, 印度的人口總繁殖/生產率 是 2.8 而要表達自....時間開始 , 也可用 as from + 時間 As from 2005, India has a total fertility rate of 2.8.... (end)

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  8. ... up Etymologyman + up, with influence from own up, buck up. Used frequently in military the things a good man is traditionally expected to do, such as: taking responsibility for the ...

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  9. his behavior did not endear him to his charges? 他的行為並沒有使他們更願意親近他。 這裡的他 是 指管理這房子,有同性戀傾向的這個人。His charges 是 指他所管理的人,就是Derek和他的屋友們。

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  10. ... as a highly specialized organ with a rich blood supply. This is not what we would expect from a degenerate, useless structure. highly specialized (=very specialized) 高度專業化的 專化-----搜尋...

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