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  1. .... You can leave at any time as you want (but don't expect a refund).

  2. ... fraudulent claim is a criminal offense). And please - don't expect a lot.

  3. ... provide more information to determine your situation. 3. You have to expect if approved, you have to leave immediately. So it is possible...

  4. ... Anza/Foothill College.) CCSF is not expected to be closed soon due to lengthy legal battles.

  5. ...否則要負法律責任) 你和你父母的都要用PIN簽名 然後就有EFC( Expected Family Contribution) 幾天後會接到email通知 SAR(...

  6. ...will have no issue returning to Canada. You simply should not expect to stay there.

  7. ...should give me another chance to stay in New Zealand . I expect my situation to be temporary and desire to resume my student visa status, would...

  8. .... (such as Seattle, WA). (4) You are on an island. Expect the difficulty. 5. (1) Yes and no. You can work legally, but you may not...

  9. ... you in. So bottom line - when you have overstayed, don't expect to return.

  10. ... a top ranking in partying school. Basically - you can expect 2 things, either partying or getting bored.

  1. expect 相關