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  1. ...inclination to work abroad if an organization offers and plans the career path for expatriates clearly. Or, Employees are more inclined to work...

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  2. ...文化都在原來的國家或地區) Inpatriates:本國或本地的工作者。 Expatriates :外國或外地來的工作者,家庭一起遷入者

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  3. expat= expatriate 指移居國外的人 如外商公司總經理多由總公司派駐, 而那位總經理你就可稱他為 expatriate 因為針對 expatriate , 公司會補助食衣住行, 加上大部分領雙薪, 當然營運成本高囉!

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  4. expat= expatriate expatriate vt. (及物動詞 transitive verb)  1. 流放  2. 使移居國外;使放棄國籍 vi...

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  5. 外勞 = Foreign worker Expatriate 也可視為一種外勞 Foreign worker藍領意味較濃 Expatriate 藍領...

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  6. 關鍵追擊 The Expatriate 圖片參考:

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  7. 可以用這個字 expatriate n. 放棄原國籍者;移居國外者 ex: American expatriates in Paris.(居於巴黎的美國人) Expatriate Englishmen in Spain.(西班牙的英國僑民)

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  8. ..., 1994; Gregersen, Hite, and Black, 1996).Yet, expatriate goal setting, training and development, and performance-related pay...

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  9. ... Wola, in the Duchy of Warsaw, to a French- expatriate father and Polish mother, and in his early life was regarded...

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  10. ...亨利大衛梭羅, Walden Cross-cultural transitions: Expatriate Entry and Reentry 跨文化的轉變: 亡命國外者進入和再入

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