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  1. No. Whoever presenting the evidence will have to create an acceptable exhibit for the Court.

  2. 顱骨CT無IV對比度增强顯示. 腦心室是輕度擴張,但對稱排列. 半球裂縫以中線為中心. 大脑和小腦表現出窄接缝腦綫中的蓄水量池 由於低密度增多症引起的白细胞前室. 腦幹和小腦在密度上沒有異常变化. IMP:- 皮質萎缩和白细胞減少.

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  3. ... way as fall-guy at fall in the Novel; He is a ridicule, exhibit in effigy guy=producing the desired result guy in the Novel...

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  4. ... two points above are my precious/valuable personality, please exhibit / take a look. (如果你的作文是演講詞就在最後加上 Thank you. )

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  5. ...,eg.) ----When we arrived we knew the exhibits ranged from western masterpieces to European comics...

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  6. for people to visit是一個「修飾語」,用來修飾前面的名詞place,表示「其功能或目的」,屬於「形容詞」性質的「介系詞片語」。在邏輯上,people是不定詞to visit的「主詞」。

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  7. ...will develop exasperating behavioral habits and phases like those exhibited by his younger brother Fudge, whom he intensely ...

  8. ― 71 ― 無論如何, 在儀式之後, 陛下贈送了紅色匾額和花給成功的候選人, 父親帶著仍然別在他領襟上的花, 來看世子. 喜出望外極其高興地, 世子開心地撫摸拍打著花朵. 陛下也是相當地的高興. 他對於我父親前一年沒有成功, 曾有點失望. 兩位殿下, 仁元大王大妃和貞聖王后也召喚我來祝賀...

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  9. ... ! (2)Here we advocate, that take pictures will damage the exhibits !(speaking to the large no. of guests) (3)Validate ticket...

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