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  1. old c. execute ( "UPDATE COMPANY SET passwd = '%s' WHERE user = '%s' " % (a, b)) new c. execute ( "UPDATE COMPANY SET passwd = '{}' WHERE...

  2. 在setup檔案上 按右鍵 選以系統管理員身份執行試試

  3. The executed process did not succeed. 執行的過程並沒有成功。 註:succeed是原動詞:成功 助動詞後必須跟root verb原動詞

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  4. (3) better:- (1)Relevant personnel (2)have completed the personnel qualification certification; (3)based on SOP;--------(not according to the) (4)prior to executing the task.

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  5. ...quot; is more specific to indicate that certain legal procedures are executed . The reason why I said "bad grammar" was the '...

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  6. 1.) sign on to 後,可接 i) 原型V. 或是 ii) Ving,那該如何取捨? 語言首重使用習慣和邏輯,文法是學者們為便於討論而歸納的原則,這些原則並不是牢不可破。知道不定詞(infinitive) 或 介系詞 (preposition) 不會增進你理解癥結所在。基本的語意邏輯才是取決的關鍵。 i) mainly...

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