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  1. 當有人在做些不明所以的事情時,美國人常會用「Hello?或 Excuse me?」來表示疑惑、問你到底是在做什麼,「是在哈囉」就成了台灣版本。

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  2. ... an escape from 省略文字而來,如是動詞,原句應是be made an excuse (and) escape from, 應使用and , 非or.

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  3. ..., you need to have the "can do" attitude. If you keep using excuses "I don't have time for this" and "I don't want to...

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  4. 根據台灣的消費者保護法第19條第3項,七日鑑賞期僅適用於郵購和其他特殊交易方式上。 消費者購買了經由買賣雙方確認過後的公司產品後,就不接受退貨和退還差價。 享有手錶機芯的一年保固期,人為造成的損壞則不在保固範圍之內。 在一年保固期內,若無法維修,則會以新品替換...

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  5. 本人選D 解答也是D Jack is true nuts and (not but) so are you.

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  6. ... help, consider, complete, confess, delay, deny, describe, dislike, enjoy, escape, excuse , face, face, feel like, finish, forgive, imagine, it is no use, keep (on), mind, miss...

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  7. 事後諸葛人人都會,但只有某些人被上天賜予了能夠冠冕堂皇的說出「噢,一開始我就覺得不對勁」這種馬後砲來為自己以前犯下的錯誤辯解的能力。 這門學問就像是前國防部長Donald Rumsfeld 在他對於伊朗的戰爭表達言論時所展現的:「打從第一次聽到起,我就覺得...

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  8. ...please over to you ,there, for keeping reporting ! Chief presenter:- Excuse me, the passerby's comments does not represent our...

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  9. Excuse me, can you do me a favor? I want to give my boyfriend a surprise by recording a happy birthday video. Can you say Happy birthday to XXX to the camera here(指指攝影機)?

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  10. .... Robert Gibbon Johnson. 3. Sherry‘s excuse for always being late to work is that she‘s never used to get...

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