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  1. 看你在說什麼,可以是 排氮策略 或者 減氮策略。 2013-06-16 10:24:10 補充: 白狐狸, 到底哪一個翻譯合意?另外謝謝各位的票。

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  2. ..., including (a) variation in water intake and excretion , (b) rate of diuresis, (c) exercise, (d) recumbency, and...protein:creatinine ratio was 38.6%, whereas that of the protein excretion was 96.5%. Koopman et al. (14 ) had...

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  3. In contrast, nicotinamide is methylated prior to excretion and does not draw upon the glycine pool. 相較之下,尼古丁在排出之前已被甲基化,並不是利用氨基乙酸pool取出(pool在這篇文章應該有他的主要涵義,無法直接翻譯 )。

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  4. ... tubules are the insects main organ of excretion and osmoregulation, helping them to maintain water and electrolyte balance...

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  5. ... bile acids have been shown to be important oxidation and excretion products of cholesterol. 膽酸已證實是很重要的氧化的膽固醇和(膽固醇...

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  6. ... are dilution of extracellular fluid because of impaired free-water excretion and increased urinary sodium losses. 答; 有時,激素的分泌物成比例...

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  7. ρ = 相關係數 (correlation coefficient)大概表示 urinary albumin excretion ≈ -(plasma total isoflavones)

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  8. ...生長因子的單位 2. Titratable acid ------ 滴定酸 3.NAE (net acid excretion )------ 網酸排泄 4.BMD (bone mineral density)-----骨質密度 5. NTX (...

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  9. ...intestine occurs by A) anal sphincters opening. B) excretion . C) cephalic response. D) peristalsis.

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  10. ... excreting? 排泄有困難嗎 Is there blood in your excretion ? 排泄物中有血嗎 3. to urinate Do you feel pain urinating? 排尿痛...

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