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  1. 只知道 examine 的!加了un-(不的意思)就不清楚了... examine KK: [Ig zamIn] vt. (及物動詞 transitive verb) 1.檢查;細查;診察 2.審問;盤問[(+on)] 3.測驗[(+in/on)] vi. (不及物動詞 intransitive verb) 1.檢查,調查

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  2. ...the statistical strength (P value) was lower than oOo when examining the pool of data. 然而,從測得的數據庫的結果顯示,統計出來的力 (P值...

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  3. Examined outer tube by filling water and found a tiny hole acid-eroded.

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  4. ... yourself for the errors you have made, try to examine why you have made them. 介系詞片語:instead of blaming ...

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  5. 1. (because receives examines signs a legal statement turns vernacular meaning ~ to be is...

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  6. The base examining and counting backwards for 11 days 基測倒數11天 The distance base examines 11 days 距離基測還有11天 希望可以幫助到你唷 ^^

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  7. Part I examines the environment in which international financial decisions are made. 第一部份審查環境為國際財務作出決定。

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  8. To examine the participants' ability to concentrate on a specific visual...是否能於受測環境中專注於適當的線索有很大的關連。 參考資料 Examining the efficacy of the concentration grid exercise as a concentration enhancement...

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  9. imagine 想像 examine 檢查/審問/測驗 criticize 批評/評論/苛求 issue 發布/發配/流出...

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  10. Examine myself everyday... Examine oneself everyday

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