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  1. instruction: advice on how to do something or ask you to do something evidence -based 根據事實(證據) 根據經驗的指導,經驗談之類的

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  2. ...rsquo;til we know it’s unsafe And we’ll paint Over the evidence I want you wanting me I want what I see in ...

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  3. mounting evidence 越來越多的證據 Mounting evidence suggests an apple a day, keeps the doctor away. 越來越多的證據指出一天一顆蘋果,自然健康不用看醫生 If something mounts,it increases in quantity.

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2007年08月19日

  4. ...] to speak seriously about something, especially in a court of law; to give or provide evidence 中文 是 "作證"、"證明" 的意思,與您所要的 "保證",根本...

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  5. Daisy×Daisy - Evidence 請點我去看日+中+羅馬拼音歌詞 君の知らない物語 請點我去看日+中+羅馬拼音歌詞 *由於字有限的關係,希望你不會介意我貼網址給你 希望以上資料有幫到你

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  6. 1. 他因為疲倦和挫折感而雙眼泛紅 2. 法官釋放男人,並警告他不可再次惹麻煩 英文不見得會因為 中文 是名詞就翻成名詞,動詞就翻成動詞,只要意思對~時態對~基本上就ok了

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  7. ...對方駁倒或讓對方無法最有效之反辯。In law, rebuttal is a form of evidence that is presented to contradict or nullify other evidence that has...

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  8. questions and look for answers that use observation, evidence , and previously accepted explanations. Ask questions...

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  9. ...找到的翻譯 請參考 =ˇ= Daisy×Daisy(40㍍)- Evidence ここにいる證明をいつも探してる 【一直追尋著自己在此的證明...

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  10. Evidence 作詞:40mP 作曲:40mP 編曲:40mP 歌:Daisy...