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  4. Sol 4+2Cos^2 x=4+1+Cos(2x)=5+Cos(2x) Set p=Tanx dp=Sec^2 xdx Cos^2 xdp=dx dp/(1+p^2)=dx Cos(2x)=(Cos^2-Sin^2 x)/(Cos^2x+Sin^2 x)=(1-p^2)/(1+p^2) 5+Cos(2x)=5+(1-p^2)/(1+p^2)=(5+5p^2+1-p^2)/(1+p^2)=(6+4p^2)/(1...

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  6. 新版知識+真的不太好用 若不清楚請告知 1. 2.

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  7. I would agree 知足常樂 that the limit is not computable (or say undefined) as the function f(x) = sqrt(x-2) - sqrt(x-1) is not even defined at any negative values (its domain: [2,∞) ). Remarks: f(x) is said to have a limit L as x...

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  10. The answer is as follows : 圖片參考: https://farm8.staticflickr...

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