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  1. As you encounter the difficulities,you have to try to solve them instead of being defeated by them.

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  2. dear, encounter ,您的問題在這裡幫您回答唷!! 您可以再看一下知識+上的等級表說明,要有...

  3. ...or they are... 2011-12-09 18:58:50 補充: 使用公式回頭看 as he or she encounters ... 看 or 後面的 she 是單數,所以 encounters

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  4. If my friends encounter sexual harassment, from superiors or colleagues...the workplace. But I had actually encountered colleagues of who sexually harassed...

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  5. 你好:在這裡~~http:// encounter 圖片參考:http:// encounter

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  6. ...個伺服器 Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. 就是告訴...

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  7. ...見過他了"帶有淡淡哀愁的一句話... 所以在下會把句子譯成如下: My encounter with him paused in the autumn of that year. encounter 是邂逅,pause是...

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  8. 1. Unexpected encounter of the Internet. 2. Character.

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2007年03月22日

  9. Love embarks soundlessly after an unexpected encounter Love enters tiptoely after an unexpected encounter 其實意思都差不多... 第二個我用了「tiptoely」... 因為把愛比喻成說是樣活的東西.. 躡手躡腳的偷跑進去XD

  10. Romantic Encounter Affairs ㄎㄎ

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