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  1. An embassy is the office of the ambassador, who represents a foreign country to issuing visas. In a host country, there is only one embassy from another country, and is usually located in the capital city. ...

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  2. ...currently in HK. In that case, try the nearest British Embassy . The nearest to Northern Ireland is in...

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  3. ... are right to say about visas. Diplomatic post can be an embassy , a high commission, a consulate or an honorary consulate. If this is a form...

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  4. ... Laboratory, the passage of the United Kingdom Embassy , the flourishing development of the HKSAR e-passport, perjury illegal ...

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  5. panda embassy

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  6. ...; e.g. 'the U.S. had to reduce its embassy and consulate staffs in Cuba.' (The staff from the embassy ...

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  7. ...8198/58703/58710/index.html 2) embassy .org/chn/zggk/ 3) 4)

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  8. ..., which has since sent them to the U.S. Embassy as demands for action. -the outcome of the negotiation(if any) Blackwater...

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  9. ... palace Father according to 16th century Portugal Embassy flange Siscoe•The Alvarez godfather said that, the past...

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  10. ... people (不是 a) the Chinese civilization (不是 a) the Chinese embassy (不是 a)

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  1. embassy 相關