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  1. 1. 人 develop an interest in 某事 (interest當名詞) 人 be interested in 某事 (interest當動詞) 2. Elective or optional 3. Sophomore 4. (American) English teacher

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  2. Whether you did understand I am the wish take as an elective this class Therefore wants to ask you to help me to sign...

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  3. ...and ability to solve problems independently, is also active and out of elective courses expand horizons. For a variety of courses...

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  4. ...或 certification 學科 應該算是 Academics 主要的科目 術科 算是選修 Electives 2008-02-28 10:03:35 補充: 我比較知道你的意思了 學科 用 原理、 理念...

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  5. 1. 指定曲: assigned song 2. 引言人: introductory speaker 3. 練唱: rehearse/ practice singing 4. 原唱: original singer 5. 自選曲: elective song Glad to be helpful!

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  6. ...5.一開始是否定祈使句..所以後面的人前要加逗點 don't overlook the impact elective surgery整句為主詞 所以不用 + that

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  7. ..., Reading "and pass to attend the courses, the elective English About Taiwan tourism related courses...

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  8. ...quot;第一印象" = first impression "主修" = major "選修" = elective "辦事能力" = work ability "行銷部門" = sales department "...

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  9. ...圖片參考: Elective /images/Guidewire.jpg (圖出處:

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  10. ...quot; Global village " . In addition, I also want to take as an elective Japanese and Spanish. Wants to take as an elective ...

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