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  1. ...consumer.How should this do?I want cope with this is live a more economical life.

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  2. 現代飛機的操作在安全,經濟和可靠性上倚賴儀器的使用。現代飛機的操作必須倚賴儀器的使用才能確保安全,經濟和可靠。 2005-10-09 16:55:32 補充: ~puppet~既然你已經這麼說了為何還要付諸投票啊!!!

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  3. ...people traffic 周邊商品: by-products 熱銷: hot sale 賽會: the game 經濟效益: economical benefits 票房收入: box office revenue 績效: performance 刮目相看: treat by...

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  4. breathable paper tape 3M™ Micropore™ Surgical Tape The dependable choice for a gentle, general dressing paper tape. It is breathable, conformable, and hypoallergenic yet most economical .

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  5. ...difficult decision is made that I can not register becuase of family economical concern. I feel so sorry for this decision and sorry for any inconvenience if ...

  6. Many office workers lost their jobs due to economical recession. 由於經濟衰退, 很多上班族都失業了.

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  7. Toward limited living space of bathroom, this design combines the function of washboard with the design of toilet. Therefore it's advantages are space- economical and convenient in usage.

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  8. ...rental is one week (02/10/2010 6:00 ~ 02/17/2010 6:00) . We want the most economical a-type (Yaris or Sentra) , and it should be a non-smoking car...

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  9., the government and people's common endeavor, lives in financial and the economical circumstance stably. 2.In this year, the World Bank in ...

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  10. ... is generally lower than the beef, this is a kind of economical considered , too. Now less to eat meat is a act of ...

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