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  1. 耐腐蝕? no 耐磨? no 耐熱?yes with reasonable temperture. 做首飾長戴會否退色?if handle with care. No. The colour will keep it well 纯银镶珐琅吊饰耐用嗎? Reasonable use, yes. It s durable

  2. ...price ok. better use eyeliner pencil underneath than use the liquid eye liner, more durable !!

    分類:美容及時尚 > 彩妝 2007年06月11日

  3. ... necessary. The transparent top is either glass, which is durable but hard to work with, or an oven cooking bag, which is lighter...

  4. ...cycle, whichever is longer while fixed asset is asset of a durable nature used in the regular operations of the business and generate future...

  5. ...choice ... around the budget... the laptop from Lenovo/IBM is very durable and reliable ... if you like HP ... HP also have some good ones...

    分類:硬體 > 其他 - 硬體 2007年04月06日

  6. ...adaptable / allowable / applicable / available / capable / comfortable / considerable / countable / dependable / durable / enjoyable / fashionable / favourable / honorable / knowledgeable / lovable / movable / payable...

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  7. ... together in high temperature (about >1000degree C) to form a hard durable matter . Sodium Chloride is soluble in water not ceramic !!

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    分類:社會及文化 > 語言 2008年10月30日

  9. 圖片參考: 海水受到化學物的污染,海藻便會迅速繁殖,更會出現紅潮,大量的海藻令海水含氧量大減,導致魚類缺氧而死亡。參考資料 durable _pedagogie_onde_rouge.htm

    分類:環境 > 其他 - 環境 2011年07月04日

  10. nylon bag, Though its origins may be obscure, the cheap, durable and multifunctional red, white and blue nylon bag has served many an ...

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