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  1. ...式咖啡包 coffee pod 2010-03-28 21:47:16 補充: 只有咖啡機有分 Manual Drip Coffee maker 和 Auto Drip Coffee maker,Manual 或 ...

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  2.'s coffee -roasting operation, which supplied branded drip coffee to both company-owned and franchised stores. 所有認可之...

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  3. with room for milk是說留有加牛奶的空間, 翻譯為 '不加奶'是沒錯.

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  4. 1they may be ground for drip ,fine,or regular coffee . 是否為 “They may be grind for drip ,fine or regular coffee &rdquo...

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  5. infusion 泡filter 過濾器filter holder 濾嘴leaking out  漏出spouts 壺嘴screwed on 擰緊泡咖啡時,咖啡會從濾嘴處滴出來,就是介在濾嘴的底部和壺嘴擰緊處的中間。(咖啡豆應該會放在一個像漏斗狀的容器裡,泡的時候,會從濾嘴那裡滴下來)

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  6. ...product/images/drink_item04_012.jpg UCC COFFEE ミルク&コーヒー 圖片參考: UCC WATER DRIP アイスコーヒー 圖片參考:

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  7. ...and water cannot drain away. 3.咖啡壼壞了。 Coffee pot is broken. 4.浴室排水孔都是頭髮...and a comforter. 7.水龍頭關不緊漏水 faucet is dripping . 8.半小時前請人處理,現在還沒人來. I ...

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  8. ... sweet and sour, bright red strawberries dripping really want to much bite, Also remember that special taste... area attached to the restaurant to drink tea or coffee , relax and rest, then Whitehead Lake bridge...

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