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  1. There are two coffee categories in Starbucks: 1. Drip coffee: It's just like what you have in the office. 2. Espresso...

    分類:飲食 > 非酒精飲品 2006年10月17日

  2. ... on Oct. 3, the prices on lattes, cappuccinos, drip coffee, and other drinks will go up 5 cents at company-operated...

    分類:商業及金融 > 投資 2007年03月08日

  3. ...and sides. It doesn't have to be even on the sides but can drip over if you like the look. Cool in the refrigerator for 2 hours.

  4. ...咖啡豆的粗度都有分別,例如我用美式咖啡機(滴漏 Drip),要用中磨度;用意式咖啡機(Espresso),要用幼磨度(Fine);而用杯的壓縮式(Coffee Press),就要用粗磨度 ...