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  1. water and boil for 20 seconds. Take wings out of water. 2. Drip the wings. Heat enough oil up and deep fried until golden brown...

    分類:飲食 > 烹飪及食譜 2006年11月19日

  2. ... adds a teaspoon of salt, crumples and washes and only drips the universe to admix lightly too white with water The powder is for future...

    分類:飲食 > 烹飪及食譜 2007年03月28日

  3. ...and pork Qiesi 2. Yanhao pork reserve 3. Italian oil drip Xia cooked powder, sanitization, spare 4. Chaoshu butter with pork...

    分類:飲食 > 烹飪及食譜 2008年04月23日