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  1. " downward displacement of water" 2008-01-17 01:24:33 補充: 網址:

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  2. ...) 時,收集瓶口 (或試管口) 向上,導管向下。這稱為向下排氣法 ( downward delivery) 或向上排空氣法 (upward displacement of air),很容易引起混淆。

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  3. ...water to stick to the sides of vertical structures despite gravity s downward pull. Water s high surface tension allows for the formation of water ...

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  4. 1. 安培右手定則:運動方向向下,磁場方向向北,正電受力向東,負電受力向西,答案又錯了→ (d) 2. B點: v=√[2g(h/3)]; t=√[2(2h/3)/g]→ 水平射程 vt=2√2h/3 C點: v=√[2g(2h/3)]; t=√[2(h/3)/g]→ 水平射程 vt=2√2h/3→ 射程比=1:1 2010-06-10 09:06:00 補充: on the Earth’s magnetic...

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