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  1. Single dormitory 單身宿舍. dormitory 宿舍(尤其是指學校機關時常用). single men and women 單身男女 remain single 仍然單身 the single life 單身生活 2009-07-27 13:56:20 補充: 單人房是 single room.

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  2. dormitory of foreign laborers 應該吧... dormitory 是宿舍 foreign laborer外籍勞工

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  3. ... no Cinderella. Would our dormitories abolish the curfew? Does the university dormitory you stay...effect prevents students who stay in a dormitory from participating in healthy campus ...

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  4. Male school Principal dormitory a clinic Postal service bureau Cherry hotel Golden pillar store Colored hillock Di Cherry Taiwan Male school dormitory

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  5. The dormitory security must know

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  6. ... Regulations in Winter Vacation for Dormitory Garbage Disposal and Recycling for Resources...

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  7. ...ill-smelling smell in the dormitory . Therefore, drinks in the dormitory is not good. 瓶瓶罐罐無法直接 翻譯 可以翻成垃圾(Trash) 希望對你有幫助ㄛ€

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  8. Room 5249, Girl's 1st dormitory , No.11, Shida Rd., Da-an District, ...

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  9. " dormitory cafeteria"請問是什麼意思? A: 宿舍餐廳 Peter likes the food served in the dormitory cafeteria. A:彼得喜歡宿舍餐廳供應的食物 那個don't you? 翻做 "不是嗎?" 不是用"可以嘛?"

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  10. 如果你要問的是"宿舍管理員室"的話,我查到的是, "janitor's room of the dormitory " 如果你要問的是"宿舍管理員"的話,我查到的是, " dormitory janitor"

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