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  1. can donate money by credit card. Secondly, you can also donate invoice to donation box. It is a chance of hope and love. (Explain more what this...

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  2. 1. Donation of Money On behalf of our organization, we would like to thank... support of these efforts is greatly appreciated. 2. Donation of Material On behalf of our organization, we would like to thank...

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  3. Advantages of Blood Donation 1. It benefit our health. Most...blood four times a year. The result of blood donation far exceeds automatic blood replenishment. ...

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  4. Organ Donation 器官捐贈 Body Donation 大體(遺體)捐贈 資料來源The American Association of Anatomists

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  5. donation receiver 或 donation taker

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  6. The donation washes the hands the breast to give the country young schoolchildren and the guidance good health custom, reduces the child to threaten the life because of the germ attack the possibility

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  7. ... parents cannot find jobs, need your donations . (X) 這個逗點是多餘的, 應予移除. 英文文法而言, 主詞不可以逗號與動詞...

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  8. Make blood donation as a bi-monthly routine. or Make blood donation as a habit.

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  9. ... will donate all the money from the benefit. 我們會捐出所有義演得來的錢 donation He makes lots of donations every year. 他每年捐出...

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  10. 台灣動物緊急救援小組: donation / donation _policy.html 台灣照顧生命協會: 流浪動物花園:http...

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