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  1. 是接V-ing for是介詞 介詞後面只接名詞或V-ing 例如: discourage sb from Ving 勸阻...別做... prevent sb from Ving 阻止 (阻止.防止之類的通常是用介詞 from ,那後面就接Ving) 加油喔

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  2. 1. To make things worse, you can t find a better person but John. (想要讓事情更糟糕的話,找John最合適---指John總是幫倒忙。) 2. As a consequence, we shoul have practiced harder. (依照結果來看,我們之前應該更...

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  3. stop~ from ~ 停止~去~ deter~ from ~ 阻止~去 ban~ from ~ 禁止~去~ prohibit~ from ~ 禁止~去~ dissuade~ from ~ 勸阻~去~ discourage ~ from ~ 勸阻~去~ prevent~ from ~ 防止~去

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  4. ... bk. meaning:-to disuade from , advise against, argue(someone) out of, deter from , discourage from , persuade (someone) not to use that bad Grammar book to remonstrate (with someone...

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  5. ...的後面要多加up呢? to give Sth up to Sb 是個慣用語,指將某人原本擁有的事物 (財產、權益 my face. A real man would never take money from a woman. A man can't become a real man without...

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