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  1. ... that participants experienced more discomfort during accusatory interviews(supporting ...more accusatory these interviews are, the more discomfort a suspect will experience. 從我們的結果可以預知,資訊收集...

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  2. ...資料:AllRefer Health - Chest Pain (Chest Discomfort , Chest Tightness or ... Chest Pain (Chest...

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  3. 1.Happy all so as soon as day ~ discomfort all so one day ~ that soon Lo can pass down Pa!Time will bear every!! 2.Can with you hand in friend? 這樣吧^^

  4. ...climate and where the search for the picturesque involves the greatest discomfort . 這是一個難以理解的事實,對此我無法想像出滿意的解釋,在歐洲一些有...

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  5. ...英文字) 可能是你打錯字我幫你取代的 2008-04-24 22:52:54 補充: 修正一下 discomfort with ... 翻做 "不安於..." 較恰當

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  6. ...create a supportive classroom environment. Students who are unable to handle discomfort often will displace or project their discomfort onto instructors (...

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  7. 1. to be unable to express one's discomfort ,like a dumb person tasting bitter herbs 2. to be compelled to suffer in silence 兩種說法 請參考看看吧!

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  8. ... women consult a professional doctor or pharmacist immediately if you have any discomfort , please stop eating

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  9. ..., or mental illness. If experiencing any kind of physical discomfort , please stop watching immediately. Thank you.

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  10. ...edema; dizziness; mild to moderate headache; mild to moderate abdominal cramps, pain or discomfort ; bloated feeling or gas; constipation; diarrhea; indigestion; nausea.

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