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  1. 為所有生活的“ S discomforts ,naturally soothe不適,自然撫慰 skin with Vitamin E, Comfrey...

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  2. 這是病歷紀錄或是描述病情的文字嗎? Discomforts when defecation was also noted. (病人)在排便時會有不適感的情況也被注意到了。 (病人)在排便時會有不適感的情形也被紀錄下來了。

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  3. ...你忍耐一下 I am going to fix your body which may cause discomfort , please bear with me. 2.身體還有哪裡不舒服嗎? Is there anywhere you...

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  4. ... mouth, use water to rinse your mouth without swallow it to reduce the discomfort . (4)檢查當天,請注意你的口腔清潔,並更換手術衣。 On the procedure...

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  5. 1.Happy all so as soon as day ~ discomfort all so one day ~ that soon Lo can pass down Pa!Time will bear every!! 2.Can with you hand in friend? 這樣吧^^

  6. ...勞方痛苦和難受作為一種知覺和感動現象 woman to woman and intervene in the pain and discomfort of labor as both a sensory and affective phenomenon 干預為痛苦和難受在勞方和誕生...

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  7. 輕微的關節可動範圍受限出現於手肘、手腕、和手指,還有指骨不穩定。(10尺骨側偏移)。沒有發現半脫位或其他畸形。手部功能測試呈現指尖抓握有困難。捏和握緊動作很好,但肌力不正常。用力將拇指作對掌動作使尺骨側偏移更明顯,及指骨不舒服。

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  8. ... women consult a professional doctor or pharmacist immediately if you have any discomfort , please stop eating

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  9. ...who had suffered from abrupt onset of RUQ abdominal intermittent discomfort for few days, vomiting:(-)diarrhea:(-),she consulted to our...

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  10. which known with initial presentation of abdominal discomfort .() 被知道是腹部不舒適的初期顯示 The abdomen CT was ...

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